Razer Phone: The Gaming machine?

Razer, a name synonymous with “GAMING”. From very powerful Laptops to top notch keyboards, the company has got everything you need for gaming. But what about something you can hold in your hand and play the games at blazing fast frame rates?

When it comes to gaming even the best of what we have is not enough, there are endless possibilities.


When you combine, the portability and ability to game that is when you get the RAZR phone.

The phone follows the design language of Razer laptops and NEXTBIT. Remember that one?? Well so you remember here is a photo

Well, the phone looks pretty much the same in terms of design, a phone in a shape of perfect rectangle!

Now why the big bezels ?

Turns out Razer decided not to go with “2017 trend” no bezel-less display here. On top of that we are getting unusually large bezels. Why? well what good will gaming do without awesome sound. The phone has Front facing stereo speakers. Also a MKBHD pointed out it is good to place your thumbs too.


Usually I give preference to internal specs but this phone is different, it has something new on the outside. The display has a very good refresh rate. Something even most of the monitors screens lack, A 5.7 inch 120 Hz refresh rate a 1440×2560 display. The smooth experience you get  when you use the device. The seem less response from the display. This is something I cannot explain in words, you got to experience this. JUST PERFECT FOR SEEMLESS GAMING!!


A by now you might have guessed, this phone is not a budget phone. The specs are listed below

PROCESSOR: Snapdragon 835.

GPU:                 ADRENO 540

RAM:                8GB

CAMERA:        Dual 12 MP f1.7 wide lens and 13 MP f/2.6 telephoto lens.

Front 8MP f/2.0



The million dollar phone, this phone is a beast. Unlike Laptops and PCs which have either very big batteries or power cable for continuous power supply, A phone is meant to be in you pocket for the whole day so you can charge it at the end of day. A 4000mAH battery will probably make sure you do this. There is adaptive refresh rate to bring it down when not in use. There is ” Android Nougat” battery saver and optimization. So this phone can probably pull off a whole day From morning 6 to evening 6 without much of a issue.