Well, the company launched its next flagship the One Plus 5T in the launch event on 16th November. If you launched the event live then you may know that this phone is going to be, but since we are writing this blog listen to our side of story anyway!


That is what I can describe about its design, although almost completely looking like Oppo R11 or even iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus for that matter. But the phone itself is looks beautifully built, the company has taken its time to take the One Plus 5 to level “T” with this one!!

On the back we have the 2 cameras that are now slightly changed. Both are similar cameras with same aperture, the second camera has larger pixels for better light capture during low light party situations.

The 16MP and 20Mp combination along with the rear flash is a good combinations and you can take pictures competitive with Pixel or iPhone or Samsung Phones which significantly cost higher.


The phones internals are same as that of the ONE PLUS 5. I don’t think there will be any major deference in performance. The only thing I was sceptical about was the 6-inch screen, because a LCD screen would just suck way too much battery and you would end up with lesser battery life. But the company bought of AMOLED and that is the best decision the company too. Use BLACK WALLPAPERS and enjoy longer battery life.

The 835 Mobile platform, the flag ship chipset. And that gorgeous 6GB/8GB RAM stays for a storage for 64GB or 128GB.  You are getting 3300 mAh of battery, also USB type C on the bottom with “DASH CHARGING”. The beautiful Slider for getting your phone to “Do Not Disturb” is there too and better than ever.!!

Lets wait and see how it fares in day to day life. We put forward our opinion, if you were planning on buying the ONE PLUS 5 then 5T is definitely better. Go on buy it!!

Available in certain markets like USA, INDIA from 21st November. AMAZON Exclusive.