So, this is the month of November and we are almost done with the fantastic year of 2K17. Yes!! this year we saw AMD coming to relevance again, phones going to bezel-less taller screens. That all has come to an end now. One Plus released their ONE PLUS 5T.


Here is a list of Top Flagships, you can buy for Christmas at price to performance order. All the top flagships are out, each company on an average released two flagships. So that alone puts us at around 10 top tier phones and you have to choose among them so we made it easier.


Yes, you guessed it. The best Price vs Performance rated phone, that gives flagship performance at a cheaper price. It is for those people who are not crazy for certain brand. It is for those who just want to get the best for their money. You are getting a Snapdragon 835, dual camera setup, 6-inch OLED display, 80.5% screen to body ratio. Check out our initial opinions here.





The flagship by SAMSUNG. This beauty is one of a kind, the phone is absolutely gorgeous. I know praising too much but who do not know. The curved display and small bezels, a truly bezel-less phone.

The design too is SAMSUNG at its best. You get all the top class features you want along with one of the best rated single camera phones out there. The most irritating part of this? The placement of fingerprint sensor. You might not want to buy the Plus variant if you have small fingers. But apart from that, this is awesome. Just so if you ask NOTE 8 is actually a very similar phone but with dual camera setup so, if you have really love photography and stylus.

Check it out on Amazon here.

LG V30:

Yup, V series is probably the best series by LG, I dont know if you like the G series but I personally feel the comapany tones theose phones down just to make the V30 look awesome. This probably one of the best phones out there and it strikes perfect balance between what it costs and what it gives out to you as a user. You get the flagship processor a top notch camera and a top audio performance through ear phones thanks to Quad DAC inbuilt.

MOTO Z second gen:

Yup, I am not mistaken, This is a lower priced phone, also placed lower on the list?? Yes, this phone is as potent as other phones out there( no pun intended). The reason is that to be able to enjoy the full potential of this device you need to buy MOTO Mods. Yes! they can cost as much as a budget device. But if you are someone who is willing to spend some money or you like trying new things out like making your phone a printer or add 10X zoom to it or even make it a projector then you definitely need this. Without all this, the phone is a typical flagship with almost same specs but no fancy bezel-less screens and all. If you are looking for a mid range phone then MOTO Z2 Play with all the above features is available too.

HTC U11:

I know not the best company out there but I can say that this phone is beautiful. You may not use the squeeze function but it is really useful when you want to brag about it to your friends. The phone is a design marvel and the glass design looks better than anything out there in the market( my thought though). Yes, you are not getting a dual camera setup in here but it does have DxO Mark rating of 90 definitely one of the highest. Read our post here. Pixel2 and Pixel 2Xl though are better, I felt this phone was doing better justification for your money than those!


Wait no iPhone in the list, nope This post is Price vs perforamce. So you know it!!



SO guys if you have any problem with the order be sure to comment it out. Not a good option to just leave it in your head. We want to improve too and you are the best ones to tell us HOW?