Qualcomm has launched another of its processor in the mid-range 600 series. This processor is going to succeed 630 which itself was launched recently.

The mid-range and budget seen phones are usually the ones that bought by masses, unlike the flagship devices which are only for the rich and hardcore fans, especially in the developing countries.

Snapdragon 636 brings many of flagship features to the mainstream. This includes adding native support to the large screens, like the 18:9 sizes.

The same also includes another largely popular but something that was not updated, QUICK CHARGE.

Quick Charge 4 is here is obviously going to be much better on the paper what is to be seen is how better it is in the real-life applications.

Snapdragon 625 largely remains popular for its all-around performance.  Even Snapdragon 626 and 630 has not seen many takers. It is to be seen whether 636 will be taken up by the makers.

The company promises a boost of over 40% in performance compared to its predecessor Snapdragon 630.  636 may be a new chip but we are not expecting to see it in phones at least by the second half of 2018. So wait till then to see how this chip performs in the real world then.

Snapdragon 636 uses KRYO 260 CPU instead of the ones from ARM used earlier.  This Platform still uses the same LTE modem and Image processing unit Spectra 160. So no change there. But another interesting and awesome feature to make its way is the new GPU Adreno 509 a slight improvement in terms of performance but now comes with the support of 18:9 screen size that makes this platform a treat for the midrange smartphones that are now trying join the race of taller screens thanks to Samsung.


CPU: 8x Kryo 260 processor core speed of 1.8 GHz.

GPU: Adreno 509.

USB: 3.1