Google is going hardcore in terms of its hardware building. Google Home devices, Google Pixel devices and now even a laptop coming out of their own garage.

PIXEL XL 2 and PIXEL 2: Worth it?

SO, if you are one of those people who are big fans of Google Pixel or Nexus devices then this device is for you.

The device though doesn’t boast a  significant change in hardware expect some obvious ones like processor.

Here are some things that are completely not a 2017 Flagship type.

  2. HAS FRONT FIRING SPEAKERS( who does that it in 2017?)
  3. NO ads like Bezel-less, minimum bezel or something.
  4. It is not costlier the better here!!
  5. No extra buttons that cannot be remapped.
  6. No removal or awkward placement for Fingerprint sensors.

That is a whole lot different, from other Phones released this year.

This year’s launch event was very fun to watch. The way Apple was mocked is worth noting.


Pixel Xl2 and Pixel 2 has very similar specs. So Google is helping we writers too. The basic specs include a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of ram and 64 GB/128GB of internal storage.

The screen sizes differ Pixel 2 has a 5.0 inch AMOLED screen with normal 16:9 aspect ratio. Pixel XL2 has a 6.0-inch display with 18:9 aspect ratio.  Both are IPS 67 water resistant.

They both have the “SQUEEZE INPUT”. They have a 12 MP rear camera.


SO, unlike all the major flagships released this year, Google Pixel is the only one that lacks a second camera on the back. That doesn’t mean you cannot shoot portrait photos. Google states that their software is so good that it can differentiate between the foreground and background without the help of a second camera. That’s awesome, right?

The camera is so good with augmented reality too. There are many apps coming soon for the phones. The current one ” Stranger Things” themed. The AI is so good that if you put the good people against the bad ones at once on the screen they can actually fight and recognize each others presence.

Thanks to the AI the front-facing camera is capable of taking Portrait photos too.


Nothing much has changed since the last pixel. The phone on the front has 2 front firing speakers and are pretty awesome( at last a flagship that has front firing speakers!!) on the back we have our camera unit. Along with the fingerprint sensor. The phone has the same 2 in one design that its predecessor had. This time the glass and aluminium meet a little above that before.