Amazon is expanding its product portfolio at a really fast pace. The company has converted itself from an e-tailer to all-around company.  The company is the undisputed king in the online market. The lesser known fact is that company has its own server business, even NETFLIX runs on the Amazon WEB Services (AWS).The company’s most popular KINDLE e-book readers are currently the best ones in the market.

In the event recently conducted by the company, a number of products were launched. The notable absence was a KINDLE device.

Let’s dive straight into the list of devices launched and a basic Idea about them.

These devices add up to the latest devices launched a few months back the “ECHO LOOK” and “ECHO SHOW”


Probably the cutest hardware released by the company. This is basically a scaled-down version of the ECHO SHOW launched a couple of months back( read about it here). It looks like an ECHO DOT with a screen.

The price is very competitive and looks very unique. You might as well consider buying this as a gift. So keep an eye out for this one. It has a front-facing camera to see your actions and respond accordingly. The small but an awesome screen helps you to see your schedule and alarms and stuff. You can also see ( as CNET reportedly confirmed it with the company). Prime videos on too.  There is a 3.5 mm jack so that you can connect it to your home theatre for audio.

A perfect balance in terms of cost and performance by the company.  The unit retails for $129 only and is coming to the stores by the end of the year.




The company has also launched a redesigned ECHO retailing for a $99.99 dollars. The improvements notably are a better sound system and improved far fetch technology( that is to ignore the noise). The company has also given it a new look. More competitive to GOOGLE HOME and APPLE HOME POD. The ECHO device largely remains same apart from the fact that it now has a down-firing 2.5″woofer and 0.6″upward firing tweeter.


Echo plus largely improves on the functions of ECHO. This now has a smart hub to be able to control your lights and other devices in your houses more easily than ever. A The design is slightly different but is still based on the long cylindrical shape. All other features remain. A better speaker ensures a better quality. A 2.5″ downward firing speaker and a 0.6″tweeter.


ECHO Buttons:

These are rather add-ons to the existing Echo line-up.  According to the company, these can be used for playing trivia games with your Echo devices. These cannot be used without at least one of the above Echo devices. It is coming in a  pack of 2 for $20.


Fire TV is now improved. This adds supports 4K and has Alexa voice. This squared shape device comes with a remote and lets you watch your favourite NETFLIX and Amazon Prime.  With HDR support you can now enjoy all your content in an awesome quality. Dolby ATMOS ensures you get the best audio experience. This is coming $69.99. You can bundle it with an Echo Dot for $79.99. This product is coming on Oct 25th.


The last device in this list is



This device is again an add-on. This is can connected to device to take up calls or to make calls. I am not pretty much sure this works yet!



*images are used for representation only and taken from the official website of Amazon.