Ok, A very followers of my blog noticed that I covered most of the budget and midrange phones released this year. I even covered some upcoming phones that are still in beta stage. Most of the phones that I cover and write about is  MOTOROLA. I actually like this company though my reviews are never partial, I never missed a phone from them.

But if you notice there is no review of MOTO Z2 in my blog. WHY??

Well, it is simple I don’t cover what is stupid. I am nowhere saying that MOTO Z2 is a bad phone. It is probably the best band of the buck. With its mods and stuff, this phone is really awesome.

The phone simply lacks that WOW!! feature its successor had. The company is being very passive no awesome mods are released.

REASON 1: They did not send me a review unit!!! How could I write? But since the post had to be long enough I found some more reasons!



People read my posts because they expect they will get something new out of it. Every single post I write is unique and creative. MOTO Z2 does not have this. It neither disappoints me or makes me feel excited about. It is just there, missing that natural “new” feel of Motorola. You might have read MOTOROLA: THE LEGACY, the way the company boldly made acquisitions. The way it entered into different markets fearlessly is now seems gone. The company is simply letting go of creation it had in MOTO G and MOTO E series. They are now just simplified versions of MOTO Z. They are no more tailored to meet the demand of that particular price segment as before.



Well, there is nothing left to write the only the change I can see is a change in the processor that will not these days impact any phone at that high level. On top of that, ” NO ONE CARES” people just care how powerful the processor is except in the cases like extreme heat issues. For some reason RAM has become criteria, it is not. We rarely see ourselves using more than 2GB RAM in our phones.

The storage is used to gain more money!! Why does a higher storage variant cost that much? No one ever asked. People just assume that higher storage is costly, not by a few hundred rupees but by few “THOUSANDS”.

OK, 3.5mm jack is now a problem. Just because Apple does something, YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT!!.

MOTO has lost that spice it used to add to the market. The buzz it created with MOTO G or MOTO E is virtually gone now. The only good thing now is that MOTO still gives OS updates if that ends then the company will have to search for a new reason because it potentially has no unique ability to lure people.

MOTO is not Lenovo.  And I hope it does not become Lenovo.