Welcome, I now know that you are here for our initial opinion on the successor of probably the most ill-fated phone in the history of Samsung. NOTE 7 was a pretty good device when it came to specs. The phone belonged to a era when we did not exist. So we never personally got a chance to review it.  Galaxy Note 8 is the device you have been waiting for.

SPECS FROM WEBSITE! ( OBVIO, We don’t have the phone yet)


The phone is rocking, pretty solid specs and pretty much everyone expected those specs even before the company unveiled them.

The phone has a Snapdragon 835( Surprise! Surprise!), Infinity display (6.3 inches), A dual camera setup that is pretty awesome considering the initial response. The camera is a pretty solid Dual lens 12 MP f/1.7 aperture.

Both the cameras have OIS and are Wide angle lens. You also get all the possible facilities with a dual lens. Some artificial blurring and all. The front CAM is a 8MP capable of shooting 2K footage The rear camera is capable of shooting 4K 60fps.

The phone looks bulkier, the interface is certainly optimized for the phone( I am just guessing it, It was optimized for other note devices too). Another addition is that now you get two apps to open at once in multimode form the right side swipe, you get to set which two apps open at once.

You also get some additional features like now you can make text GIFs and animate with glitters, some basic animations and send them to your friends.

The stylus is being made more and more useful with every update to the series.

We are definitely not expecting a review unit to be sent to us. We are going to  write a review without the device anyway.