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The Raspberry Pi can be used as a separate PC but because of its scale, most of them prefer to give it remote commands.
One way of doing it is by using SSH or Secure Shell Host.
To do this, you need a software on your PC.
MacOS: Terminal will do the job.
Windows: Download and install Putty from here.
Linux: Terminal will do the job.
You will need to enable SSH on Raspberry Pi for this to work. To do this,
Step 1:
Turn on your Raspberry Pi as shown in the previous post and open terminal.
Step 2:
Type “sudo raspi-config’ and hit enter.

Raspberry Pi
Terminal Window

Step 3:
Select the Interfacing options.

Raspberry Pi
Select Interfacing options

Step 4:
Select SSH and enable it.

Raspberry Pi
Interfacing Options internal list

Step 5:
Type”┬áifconfig” and note down the Pi’s IP address.

Raspberry Pi
Note down the highlighted address. It may be different on yours…..

Step 6:
Open Putty and input the Pi’s IP address and hit connect. The default username is Pi and password is raspberry.

PuTTY Config Page
raspberry pi
Login Page

That’s it, now you can connect to your Pi remotely. You can assign a unique IP address to your Pi so that you don’t need to search it’s IP address each and every time.