Initial Setup:


As seen in the previous tutorials, the Raspberry Pi is a computer that needs an OS to run.
The OS we are going to install is called Raspian, which is an official OS from the Raspberry Pi community.
The link to download the latest one is here.
Also, you will be needing an 8GB microSD card for installing the OS on. The required software to write the ISO file to the card is here.
Step 1:
Download the ISO image from the above link.

Download Page of Rapbian

Step 2:
Download Etcher from the above link.

Etcher Download Page

Step 3:
Open Etcher and select the SD card and the Image and Hit burn.

Etcher UI

Step 4:
Remove the SD card and place it into the Raspberry Pi.
Step 5:
Connect the HDMI, Keyboard, Mouse and Power Supply to the Pi and power it on. Then follow the on-screen instructions to successfully complete the setup.

Raspberry Pi First Time Connections

Step 6:
Connect your Pi to the internet by either WiFi or using the Ethernet port. Note that no additional setup is required to access internet.

That’s it it is that simple, now that you have finished all the required steps for intial setup.Let’s meet you in the next post!