NOKIA is back with a Bang!!!!!!!!!!. Yup this time the BANG is so loud that you can hear it by just reading this article.

SO NOKIA’s most rumoured phone this year is finally out. Although most of the renders looked correct when it comes to camera they weren’t very accurate when it comes to the screen.


The phone has pretty much everything we can expect from a current day flagship. The phone surely looks and feels solid. The phone is said to be made of one brick of Aluminium. Making this phone very sturdy. We are contacting the HMD global the Nokia’s manufacture for more details.

The company’s promise of making it bloatware free looks to be true as the NOKIA 8 again has a stock android. With promised updates you should probably see Android very soon. This will make NOKIA gain a lot of market. Only MOTOROLA has been able to provide such timely updates in the Android ecosystem apart from Pixel and NEXUS devices.

The phone priced below the likes of Samsung and Apple will also surely help the company get some good amount of profits.

The dual camera setup looks quite promising. The lens made by the Carl ZEISS. These kind of editions surely make a device look more promising than it is. The 13 MP+13 MP camera is a awesome set of cameras( we will talk more in our full review coming soon!)

The device looks promising on paper, lets put to the daily use to check how it performs. With a mediocre 3090 mAh all it comes down to is optimization so we will be back very soon with out full review!