So, I was basically wondering what to write in these dry months of July to August. Then I remembered about a company that ruled the mobile market but died a slow death only to be taken over by another company and then another. Yes, I am talking about MOTOROLA.

A company that once occupied a very place in minds of people of the world. This company once ruled the smartphone market.

Well, I am going to tell about the failures and some success stories of the company.




Motorola is one of the oldest tech companies in the world. It is a company, that used the situations to its best. The surrounding situations like Second world war helped the company boost its profits. Think of MOTOROLA like the SAMSUNG of the 20th century. It had set foot in every possible market from semiconductors to TV.

The company started off like a radio manufacturing company and then slowly started to make cellular related stuff by acquisitions. It even made Walkie-Talkies for police forces( which the company still does). The company also, at some point, supplied radio components to NASA.

The company reached a peak of 150,000 employees. The company’s transceiver was used by Neil Armstrong during his moon mission. The company was first in doing many things like first wireless phone and a wireless gateway. It was also among the first ones to develop a GPRS system( along with CISCO). It was also the first one to introduce the GPRS phone.

The company in the phone business was unshakable. The company retained the top spot until 1998 when NOKIA took over that spot. A spot the company was holding ever since 1973 when it showed off the first wireless phone.


Motorola split

The split:

The company’s last successful phone in the last decade was probably the MOTOROLA RAZR. 120 million phones were sold. This phone showed a possible resurrection of the company that had slipped to 3rd spot by taking it back to 2nd in 2005. The company after selling its once very popular business of Cellular-infrastructure to NOKIA SEIMENS in 2010 moved on to the famous split in 2011. The company was split into MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and MOTOROLA MOBILITY. Where MOTOROLA MOBILITY was a spin off of the former.

The company failed to perform up to the expectations and was forced to sell  MOTOROLA MOBILITY to GOOGLE. The company was bought for 12 billion(approx.). This acquisition was expected as the entry of GOOGLE into the mainstream smartphone manufacturing directly. However, the company chose to keep the brand intact. Although MOTOROLA was showing some signs of recovery, GOOGLE sold it to LENOVO for 2.91 billion dollars. Although GOOGLE smartly chose to keep to itself a large amount patents. Giving LENOVO only permission to use them.



The company now with GOOGLE started to learn from its mistakes. The company that previously failed to keep with technological advancement, released its most successful phone MOTO G. The phone shook the budget segment. In a similar way, MOTO X’s introduction was another mile stone. This completely revamped lineup of devices showed some signs of improvement. This moment carried forward with MOTO G2 and Moto X2. The company started to improve, it was slowly capturing the budget market then controlled by the early players like Samsung.

Motorola with Google to Motorola under Lenovo



The company was then sold as a surprise move to LENOVO in 2014. Though majority patents still remained with GOOGLE. GOOGLE even decided to keep most of research division with itself. The company though in much better situation attracted only a price of 2.9 billion dollars almost 10 billion less than what GOOGLE had paid to acquire it.

Although the company  was sold in 2014, Lenovo’s influence was not yet in the company. MOTOROLA worked as usual in 2015 with its regular set of devices. In 2016 the company’s mobile designs received a major shuffle. Priorities started to change. LENOVO changed the name from MOTOROLA to ‘moto‘. It was changing from a “COMPANY” to a “LINEUP”.

MOTO X was not released that year instead of a whole new concept MOTO Z was announced. This phone had something which companies like SAMSUNG and APPLE did not where as LG failed badly at it; “Modularity”. MOTO Z had a really good design and internals added with MODS it became a sensation. Though the price of MODS was still debatable.

Though Lenovo recently decided to call it Motorola again, and slowly phase out its devices in favour of Motorola’s in the markets like the US where Motorola has a good market.


The company sure has gained a market for its own now. The phone like MOTO E which was introduced way back in GOOGLE received a lot of critical acclaim. MOTO C the latest addition to the MOTO family is planning to introduce smartphones a whole new way. The company sure is showing signs of recovery.

The company is also planning to reintroduce the MOTO X which was discontinued last year all of a sudden.

In Conclusion, Motorola is one of the best phone manufacturers aiming phones for all kinds of people.

Those who want to buy a premium phone can buy phones from the G series line up. Those who want a flagship device can opt the Z series. For people who want good battery backup and smooth performance can choose the E series and for people who want to buy their first smartphone can go for the C series.

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