Welcome to this week’s Techno WEEKLY guys. TodayI have decided to talk about something that I have noticed is common. Mistakes you are making when buying a smartphone.

The mistakes you make when buying a phone are pretty basic but can lead to a wrong phone that may not suit your needs completely. So read on guys and if you want some special support then you are free to contact me on my FACEBOOK PAGE or TWITTER.


So let’s get started!


Ok, this is probably the stupidest mistake you are making when buying a phone. People often tend to think the costly phones are better than the cheaper ones. This may be true to some extent because we generally think that more amount we put better will be the internals we get. It was true before the advent of Chinese companies arrival.

Like the phones from Samsung generally, have prices on the higher end when compared to something like XIAOMI in the same segment. In most cases, these phones even have better specs. So next time when buying a phone don’t see the price tag first!!


how to buy a Smartphone

Ok, this is a little less of a concern keeping in mind that most people these days are very well informed about the brands. Never buy a phone purely based on the “BRAND NAME”.  You may find a better phone from some other company and for a lesser price.  Like APPLE phones are usually on the higher side. But if you are not a dedicated fan and want a similar performance you can go for Samsung or even ONE PLUS or HTC that are usually lesser in price. So always research for phones in the price range.





OK, companies are doing a business. They want to make money. There are several ads by the company for a particular mobile phone that are misleading( they are not very accurate). There are certain ways the companies lure you. The more recent one being the ambiguity created by the companies over the waterproofing, which is usually confused over with Splash proof( IPS 68 and IPS 67). An old one being the confusion over HD and FULL HD which are significantly different. So look out for these when buying!




A trend that was started with the introduction of benchmarking apps like ANTUTU and GEEKBENCH. Youtube is full of videos with these apps. These so-called “REVIEWS” can mislead you. There are 2 ways these reviews can mislead you. ONE PLUS was recently accused of messing with benchmarking results. It is said that the company has designed the software in a way that whenever a benchmarking app is found running the CPU is throttled to full power. This does not happen in your daily life where only some of the cores work while other don’t, this depends on the task.

One more indirect way is that these apps usually test for extream conditions which an average user never encounters in their daily life so keep this in mind and stop judging a phone based on its benchmark results.



A typical company highlights a feature that is very significant for a phone to run. The RAM( random access memory). Every task you do is through this part of the phone. The storage of apps in the background for future use is also through this RAM. With the advancement of technology, the amount of RAM has increased dramatically. The initial phones had only about 512MB of it. Now the recent phones have gone up as high a 8 GB. Typically a large amount of RAM is an advantage to a phone. But does this huge RAM help?

Well, if you think a phone is better with higher RAM then you are wrong. If think carefully, RAM is a flash memory, if you put a 512 MB thing into it only 512 MB will be used remaining will not even exist for that particular app. If you are a basic user like browsing, calls, social media you will typically use only 2GB of RAM. So keep this in your mind don’t fall for these kinds of adds. Buy the amount you need and save money.


MISTAKE 6: Believing in SALESMAN’s BS:

If you are a salesman of a shop, what is your aim? You want to sell as much as possible and at a higher profit. YES? Then why do you blindly believe in the salesman? This happens mostly mostly in emerging markets. The people of these countries usually lack the knowledge of the tech. In some cases even the salesman doesn’t know what he is speaking you do some prior research. Ask someone you know and someone who knows these stuff better ( You can contact us on our FB and Twitter pages).



Always remember, select a phone that will suit your needs. Rember things like Dual front camera, IR blasters are not a necessity. I know a bunch of my friends. They have these features but rarely use them. Instead, save money and buy stuff like power banks etc. These will help you in the longer run.