Meizu is a company that is just starting to make sense. The companies bold attempts and innovations at a very competitive price is already making it a huge winner.

Well, Samsung, LG, Apple are all tried and tested players in the market. These companies have made mistakes too! Remember LG G5 or NOTE 7 or for some extent the Apple SE which failed to make any impact in the market?

Meizu is trying to lure customers with its new second screen, this screen was used earlier in LG V20 was actually appreciated for its efforts to make notifications easier. Samsung tried something very similar in S6 Edge where the edge of the phone could help you out in viewing the notifications and things like that.



Meizu has decided to make use of the vast empty space behind the phone where there is usually nothing apart from camera and finger print sensor. The company has decided to make another screen behind it. This screen is supposed to do everything from showing you notifications, time to help you take selfies!( read more to understand).

This screen is a small 2- inch AMOLED screen. AMOLED helps you consume less battery but at the same time lets, you use it very freely with a lot of beautiful colour reproduction.




Well, only time can tell as now this seems to be working as according to one report the phone has already seen over 100,000 subscribers. This can just be a small ripple due to the craze of an extra screen. The success for the company also lies in making this screen meaningful to the public and those who are not so “techie”. The optimization of the software will be a clear need for the company. You just don’t want both the screens to active at the same time. The second screen should be well built as that is where for most of the time your hand lies.

The proper solution for the all above problems can lead to a new trend otherwise it is just going to be another flop innovation that no one cares about.


The features some powerful specs too so you can enjoy all your favourite games and apps lag free Check out the

Pro 7: Mediatek P25
PRO 7 PLUS: Mediatek helios X30
Displaypro 7: 5.2 INCH ( Secondary screen: 2inch)

Pro 7 PLUS: 5.7 INCH( secondary Screen: 2 inches)
CameraDual 12 MP f/2.0 inch( same for both)
Battery: 3000 mAh for pro 7
3500 mAh for pro 7 plus






Image courtesy Meizu Official website.