Ok, we are waiting for further information from the company RED. But it is a no brainer to that this company makes equipment that costs sky high! The phone is priced at a minimum of $1200 dollars. So let’s see what makes this phone this costly? and is it worth that? Yes we are talking about the “HYDROGEN ONE”

So some insight of the company: RED

The company can be called the “APPLE” of the camera market. This company as seen from a video from LINUS TECH TIPS. Monetizes on everything. So when you buy a camera from them. You practically get only a box                   ” the brain” everything else is supposed to be bought. The batteries, a panel to connect audio, a screen. you don’t even get a lens for free. So with this, you might have got a clear picture about this company. But the stuff they make is of really high quality and gives awesome results. Though they are known for their camera capabilities as their cameras are used in the production of several films and their camera was even used by NASA for a 4k stream from space. The camera called EPIC DRAGON was used for this purpose.  So the expectations are quite high for their first photo.




This is the company’s first phone that is going to released soon. The phone marks the entry of RED into the mobile market. The phone is supposed to be modular with some really awesome features that I will be discussing in this post.

So the phone from the image looks to be quite bulky. The phone is supposed to rock a holographic display a first of its kind in a smartphone. Although how it is going to perform is highly unknown. We did not get a video or a trailer but just one picture and a bunch of specs.

The company claims that you can see the screen in both 2D and 3D and switch between them seamlessly, things like processor and camera are not mentioned although I am expecting we get a powerful enough processor that can support holographic content.

The grip on the side makes a point loud and clear that this phone is going to be heavy and added modularity may make it more than just heavy!! According to the patented designs, the phone is going to support some serious mods. There is a possibility of this phone getting converted to a top class 4k camera. Although keeping in mind the company’s history, we do not expect any mods for free.


So the company manages to keep the price high without revealing the specs at all. The company has put up a page that reveals some details.  According to the company, this phone will now keep you away from those heavy headsets and other devices.

Display, A 5.7-inch called by the company as “retina-riveting display” is capable of viewing in both 2D and 3D and hydrogen-4-view content as the company is calling the HOLOGRAPHIC view all from the same display somehow.

Audio, company claims that the audio is changed from stereo to multidimensional audio through a proprietary algorithm called “H3O”.  This will enhance your experience in many ways.

Modularity pins as seen on the image look very much similar to that of MOTO Z lineup. The company claims that the phone will get attachments for shooting holographic content in “HYDROGEN” format along with top quality HD and video.

It is capable of controlling the company’s cameras as the phone will have their professional RED camera program.

The phone is expected to ship in the first quarter next year that is 2018. The phone comes in two variants TITANIUM and ALUMINIUM priced at $1595 and $1195 respectively. The company does not promise the same price later thanks to the complications involved in the production of the display.





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