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Well, we decided to bring in a list of best phones in mid-range I will be giving you a list of phones you buy from 20K to 35 K. If you think you want to buy a phone now, we suggest you don’t because some phones are going to released very soon that you might regret not buying! So read on. If you need one today we are giving you that too!!.


Well, you guessed it. This phone was pretty much expected to show up. But I suggest you not to but this phone.  The company has currently discontinued this phone and probably clearing up the stock right now. Their new phone is going to come up very soon.

ONE PLUS 5 is gearing up for a launch. IF you love this phone then get ready for an even better phone that is coming up for almost same prize expect it to be around 30,000 or less. Coming to specs ONE PLUS 5 will feature a Snapdragon 835, there have been reports of the device featuring monstrous 8GB ram, although we believe that is not going to happen. A 6GB ram is at the max what we expect. The other specs will probably remain same. A dual camera setup is pretty much expected to keep in mind a recent leak of retail box by Android Authority

one plus 5 retail box

A recent post on Twitter teases ONE PLUS 5 by the company

You observed the “5ee”, there are two Interpret this, The phone looks smaller in size and ‘5’ is ‘5ee’ this may mean a 5-inch screen or it just means they are teasing ONE PLUS ‘5’. The phone being smaller hiding in the shadows is probably due to smaller bezel sizes.  Let’s see how this turns ou to be

If you can’t wait probably for around 3 to 4 weeks then you might as well buy ONE PLUS 3T.


    The phone was recently launched, the phone has a pretty basic way getting the user to love it. The simple yet beautiful design. The camera quality has significantly improved over the last years model. The design though not very off from that of the last years model, the phone looks complete and neat. The back glass panel which was scratch prone is now much better and scratch resistant. The phone has a pill shaped fingerprint sensor over the square shaped one that was disliked by many. The screen curves slightly on the edges giving it the premium design.

    The specs have seen some changes. The processor is upgraded to slightly better Snapdragon 626 which is clocked at 2.2 GHz with Adreno 506 GPU. The processor is said to be over 10% more efficient over its predecessor Snapdragon 625. The camera is upgraded to a 12 MP f/1.7 aperture. The camera seems to on par with MOTO G5 PLUS. Although several reports suggest low light photography is a drawback. Don’t expect any performance like that of S8 or Iphone but is one of the best at its price point.


    The phone is priced a $499 which is around dollars although Indian pricing is yet to be announced. Although pre-bookings are open here. In hurry check, MOTO Z play here.



This probably is one of the best phones released from the company in the recent times apart from their flagships S series and Note series( NOTE 7 duh…). The phone C9 Pro is for those people who think this will make them look professional. The phone is well built and strong. The design is not far off from other phones they develop( All of their phones use the same design language, check if you don’t believe).

Specs are pretty good the phone has a Snapdragon 653  clocked at 1.95 GHz. The processor is the successor of the popular Snapdragon 652. The phone is pretty snappy and can handle all the work more than easily.

The camera is 16MP f/1.9 aperture camera, although the camera is not best in class it is still one of the best.

The front camera too is exactly same and both the cameras can shoot 1080P at 30 fps.

Check out the phone here


  • HONOR 8:

This phone is mostly known for its camera capabilities. The phone has a very good dual lens setup at the back. The camera is one of the best qualities of this last years for better details check it out here.

Here is the list of former flagships which dropped below the 35K price.

These devices surely don’t need an intro, do they?So buy yourself a phone you always wanted to!!