What is Playground?

The creator of Android, Mr Andy Rubin has ventured onto many things after he quit from Google and also started his own company Playground. Andy said that he and his team worked on what was known as “post – mobile” phase and told that it involved some form of machine- learning AI combination. He said that like the Android is largely involved in the mobile ecosystem, Rubin wanted to be involved in the next ecosystem as well.

He told that Playground had a “venture fund” and a “studio” in which, the venture fund would invest in possible breakthroughs accomplished by other companies and the studio in which he and his team around and try new things with technology. Rubin said that he was interested in planting the seeds today that will help them harvest those opportunities in the future. The Ambient OS is one of the things they had created in their studio apart from their Home device which is like the Amazon Echo.

Essential Phone

After garnering so much success in his life, he does not want to stop. Mr Rubin has his target on the next big thing. His company is ready to bring out their first smartphone which he calls “Phone” but is titled as The Essential Phone set to release in June. We know a bit about the specs and price of the phone and we think that it can give latest and upcoming smartphones a good completion, let’s see how the Essential Phone compares to the hunk Galaxy S8:

Display and Design:

The Essential Phone has a  5.7-inch front facing LCD display with an aspect ratio of 19:10 and a resolution of 2560×1312 pixels and an almost bezel-less design. It’s made of titanium as Andy said that phones are likely to bend if they are made out of aluminium. It comes in two variants; Black and White. While the black has a ceramic finish on the back, The white variant has a matte finish.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S8 sports a 5.8 inch AMOLED display with the best resolution of  2960×1440 pixels and a perfect 18:5:9 aspect ratio. But, the S8 is made of an aluminium and glass body which is less stronger than the titanium and ceramic combination on the Essential. We all know that AMOLED displays are the best with vibrant colours and picture quality. So, in terms of display and picture quality the S8 deserves a win but for the build quality, Essential strikes a home run out of the park.

essential phone

Key Features

  RAM and Storage:

Under the hood, the phone is powered by a 1.9 GHz octa- core Snapdragon 835 processor with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage but it does not allow expandable storage. The S8 runs on the same lines in terms of the processor and RAM but it gives the customers only 64GB of internal storage with an added advantage of a microSD card slot. We agree that 128GB is a lot but the presence of an SD card slot makes us more comfortable. It’s said that the S8 is a power-efficient smartphone so it might not be as fast as the Essential.


The Essential phone has a dual camera system in the back comprising of two 13MP sensors one being an RGB sensor essential phone rearand the other being a monochromatic sensor. It has an 8MP shooter in the front. The S8 has only one 12MP camera on the back and is said to be the best camera after the Google Pixel with an excellent HDR mode paired with perfect low-light shots. Since the Essential has employed the latest ideas we think it has an edge here. Both the cameras are capable of shooting 4K.


Both phones run Android Nougat 7.1.1. But since the Essential Phone gives us a stock Android exessential phone with 360 cameraperience as opposed to the S8 which uses The Samsung TouchWiz which fails to give us a stock Android experience, The Essential Phone has an advantage over the S8. The phone is also supposed to give an open boot loader for the developers which Samsung doesn’t. The Essential Phone also has modular connectivity with the magnetic pins placed on the back. The modular accessories can transmit the data to the device with the help of an RF chip, giving us USB 3.1 technology without a connector. So that’s another advantage for The Essential Phone. Both the phones provide wireless charging support.

Final thoughts:

The phone offers good specs and features for $699 and is a little cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S8($750). But, only the 360-degree camera has been released as an accessory and it does not come with a device as long as you pay another $50. So that brings us to a grand total of $749. Therefore, it’s in your hand whether you want the accessories or not.Though the phone does not bring a fresh concept with it, Essential Phone might give upcoming smartphones a run for their money. But, as Rubin and Playground want to be part of the next step towards technology, this phone might be more of a foundation.


What’s NEXT?

The company is now busy with their next device The HOME BASE, this device looking like one from the future is all set to be announced sometime in future. The device has a screen on top, that the company claims to activate ” at a glance”, you can ask or tap too. The company claims that the device works mostly on your own network without sending much of the information to the cloud, maintaining our privacy. The device also has its own OS called the AMBIENT OS.  Although a lot is yet to be known check out their page here. The company that it will simplify the setup and use of these HOME devices

*all pictures are taken from the official website.