Why this post?


Ok, my friend was browsing through a long list of Amazon products for a Bluetooth speaker and he realised that it is probably a really difficult to select. So he asked me to get it done for him. I thought many of you might be facing the same problem too as there is a vast library of things there. So I bought out a list that you might want to consider when buying a Bluetooth speaker. I made this list out of Amazon only.

Bluetooth speakers:

  • JBL GO:

    This compact wonder from JBL is a really mean machine when it comes to raw performance. This may not be the loudest speaker on the list but it still has a good music coming out. I may not say this is the best cost vs performance thing but if you want something compact and want it to fit in your pocket then go for it!! You get a 3.5 mm jack so you can use AUX cable instead too. The battery though is not the greatest thing I should say the company claims a 5 hrs battery backup.



  • HP S65OO:

    This looks like Google Home in shape. The voice and bass are pretty good and the company claims that the speaker can last around for 10 hrs. You get similar ports as that of JBL Go. There is better battery backup, the speaker wattage is not mentioned though I am expecting a similar speaker.



    This is a good speaker. There is not much of difference it is just a personal choice. The speaker is cylindrical in shape and very compact. The sound quality is and good. The playback time is around 5 hrs.


          This speaker comes from Portronics. I noticed only a considerable difference that it lacks buttons for volume                controls. The sound quality impressed me and it felt really good. The speaker supports the dual pairing.

     The speaker is definitely better than PORTRONICS POR-280. This has all the controls you need and for a better price. This speaker has a rectangle form factor and better sound quality. I got a better playback time with this.This is the successor to the POSH. This is sprinkle and splash resistance.  This has better speakers and louder. It also has an SD card so you can directly play songs without Bluetooth too.


I found these speakers pretty good, check these out too. They have similar specs and size and price too. This is your personal choice too.