moto devices leaked


Apparently, a video leaked shows all the upcoming devices of MOTO, some even from next year.

It even shows a change in naming culture for G series. The pic below shows the next G series phone as ‘gS’ and ‘gS+’. This move was probably to differentiate it from the LG’s G series devices. This also proved that MOTO X is making a comeback and this time it is not going to be the flagship.

The new device is expected to come in the mid-range segment. The device will probably be called MOTO X4. And is stated to have 3D glass and SmartCAM. Although it is unclear, what SmartCAM refers to, at the moment.  The recently rendered MOTO C and C plus were confirmed and are expected to come below the MOTO E range. The devices are slated to have huge batteries. Check out the pic below. (The following report was from GIZMOCHINA).moto devices leaked MOTO X4 is shown to have a  5.2-inch screen. MOTO C and MOTO C Plus are going to have a 5 inch FPS display.  E PLUS is going to sport a 5.5 inch. It’s younger brother MOTO E is going to have a 5-inch display. With this Lenovo owned MOTO is going all out. Keep checking for future updates.