Google recently confirmed in a statement in its official Indian blog that the company is giving a new look to the GOOGLE MAPS app.

According to the company’s statement which can be seen here, it states that the home screen of the app will have a new look to facilitate the use of apps. As the number of internet users is increasing day by day, the internet speed is not good enough to run any app fast enough for comfortable¬†use.¬†The company stated that the app will be much faster and can be run even in dotted internet connections. I have tried to update the app but, it looks like the update is yet to arrive. This surely is a good news for millions of Indians who have just started to come online.mapd

The company stated that the app will now offer directions to the nearest locations. Also different modes of transport directly with the quick actions bar at the bottom of the screen.

One can save the routes for offline viewing and as usual. The quick action menu is at the bottom where we used to see the Traffic updates. Google said everything will be faster including satellite imagery and directions to all the local places. Head out to the Play store and check if the app can be updated.