AMAZON ECHO with Touch coming up:

Amazon after the failure of it’s Fire Tablet series is taking all the necessary steps to ensure Echo stays and stays strong. Alexa is already facing tough competition from Google after internet giant introduced Google Home. Amazon, on the other hand, is trying out new things like Echo LOOK. The look was introduced few weeks backs but is yet to make it to the retail market.

Amazon is reportedly trying to take the competition to the next level. According to the EvanBlass at VentureBeat tweeted the two pictures both showing tablet looking touch screen devices. These are rumoured to be the latest Echo with Touch Screen. Well, according to The Verge these are going to be released as soon as this month. Here take a look at these beautiful devices.

Thank you Engadget

The above picture does not definitely show the best devices on the planet, but the size of the speaker grills shows a promising speaker and also has a front camera so expect some extra features into this one from their ‘Look’. So what else it is going to offer is yet to be known, though we are expecting all the features from their standard¬†Echo speaker to be present.


Keeping checking for further updates! Weekly update coming tomorrow.