This was a great week for Tech lovers! Reason?

WEEK’s UPDATES!! KEEPING APART THE S8 release here are some other news which you might have missed.

Well there were pretty awesome things that happened this week, so let’s get started


Google has created a new website that shows everything that Google has created as an open-source project. Their site has every open source project they have ever created. There are more 2000( and still counting) projects, now all under one roof. 

2)MOTO G4 PLUS 7.1.1 Update:

Well MOTO G5 shattered all the expectations when it was released by proving why G series is still a synonym for Budget smartphones.

MOTO G4 plus on the other hand has had mixed views. Well MOTO is trying hard to convince the buyers that MOTO G4 plus is a good device. According to devs-lab, MOTO G4 PLUS was found on GFX BENCH running android 7.1.1. That Potentially means that MOTO is not very far from sending the update to everyone. Though it may take another 2 or 3 months. It makes MOTO G4 second device after ONE PLUS 3T.

4) GOOGLE HOME more Homely:

Well, people who own a google home device, then you might have noticed that it can’t make calls neither lets you make calls from your phone’s google assistant as the ‘home’ takes up the “OK GOOGLE” command. Now that problem is solved as google is rolling out an update that lets Google Home give it up to Google Assistant. Tasks like making calls are now passed on to your phone instead.Provided you are logged in from the same account.


Microsoft is going with the literal meaning of “creative”. Microsoft has ramped up its most popular app PAINT. Yes! Paint is now Paint 3D. It is very similar to what al of you remember from your childhood but now it can make 3D figures. This update is going to bring a lot of updates, but do not expect any major visual changes.Stay tuned to get more updates in the future.


Comming Back!!


Yup read it right! MOTO is bringing it’s most famous Razr back into the market, but not like the way you are expecting. It is coming as a MOTO Mod to their MOTO Z lineup. Earlier Razr was bought back a name ” Droid Razr” this time it is going to be much better as a MOTO MOD.  Let’s hope it is not an April FOOL prank.

7) MOTO E4 Comming soon!

According to GizmoChina, MOTO E4 was spotted with the model number X1723. According to them, it is going to feature a large 4000 mAh battery. Although much information was not available. According to them, it was spotted on FCC website. And is certified.