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It’s been a while since I posted, was busy( I still am) with exams and stuff, so here is a comparison as a proud owner of G4 PLUS.

MOTO G4 PLUS VS MOTO G5 PLUS- SHOULD YOU UPGRADE? so check out the given stuff below.

The proud maker of budget smartphone market!!

Well, all the proud owners of MOTO G4 plus, this time you are must be thinking whether to upgrade or not? MOTO G5 plus, a true premium in the budget range was launched currently facing competition against the like of NOTE 4  and Samsung J-series devices.


In all this confusion, MOTO loyalists are in fix, MOTO G5 plus clearly is better looking and better device on the paper. But should you upgrade to it is the real question?

MOTO G4 plus which got it’s NOUGAT update very recently has its fair share of problems too.  It has Heating issue, Camera glass quality issue, and what not( see here to fix some of them). Motorola promised updates up to android “O” to MOTO G4 plus. There are reports of Motorola testing the android 7.1.1 with MOTO G4 plus, with results showing up on GFX bench and might land sometime in second half of the year.


A full camera test comparing MOTO G4 plus and the MOTO G5 PLUS be GEEKYRANJIT in youtube has that both the cameras perform really good in normal lighting conditions but the G5 plus is the clear winner when it comes to the low light conditions due to it’s bigger f/1.7 aperture. The MOTO G5 plus also has a better fingerprint sensor, with all the gestures and the better feedback, it is far better than the MOTO G4 plus’s sensor which can only unlock and lock the phone, doesn’t even double has a home button(duh…!!).  MOTO G5 plus definitely has a better performance thanks to its Snapdragon 625 platform. It is clocked at 2.0 GHz and is a lot cooler than the MOTO G4 plus’s Snapdragon 617.


MOTO G4 plus on the other hand has a larger screen, so for people watching too many movies the smaller 5.2 inch screen of G5 plus will be a disappointment, tough the screen is smaller, G5 plus’s screen has a better colour reproduction because it has more pixel density,  reason being squeezing the same amount of pixels in a smaller area.


The lack of laser autofocus in G5 plus is a disappointment too because the laser autofocus provides an edge over the MOTO G5 Plus which often struggles to focus on the objects fast.

One more weird thing is that though the screen is smaller the phone pretty much remains the same size, The round camera does not actually suit the body, which sort of makes the phone look like a cheap copy of MOTO Z, though the metal design gives it the required feel.


Wanna buy a G5 plus

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