It looks like the two companies are currently very busy.


Both MOTOROLA and NOKIA seems to be very busy these days.With tonnes of rumours pouring out.

Let’s take a look at these rumours in a single place.

These are from




Looks like Motorola is busy with at least 3 phones these.

These include the most anticipated and almost true MOTO Z2. The phone is expected to come to with mind blowing specs


It is going to come with the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset, along with at least 4 gigs of ram. The phone is going to break the thin phones record again as it going to be as thin as or less but this time with a headphone jack!! That is happiness ­čÖé

A MOTO promised earlier this phone too will be supporting MOTO MODS and with a bunch of new mods coming up ( including a gaming pad).

So MOTO Z 2 looks promising on the paper. On the design part, the phone doesn’t look any different, except that it may now a dual lens camera in same circular bump. From the front, the phone now has a fingerprint sensor similar to what we have seen in MOTO G5.

Here is the digital rendering of the phone(NOT OFFICIAL)  by Android Authority

MOTO X maybe….:


The Next phone MOTOROLA is reportedly working on is from their most famous lineup, MOTO X. Although may rumours have come up regarding this device, nothing is specific up to the point of mentioning here. If you know a reliable source do tell us! But as most of the rumours said, the phones are supposed to between the Z and G series with dual camera setup. Well, that is pretty cool.

MOTO C, C for Cheap !!!:

MOTOROLA is also said to be working on a segment which is currently ruled by Micromax in India, the below budget segment. The MOTO C, these phones are gonna come with a huge battery of 4000 mAh and specs which are relatively not down to the earth. These phones are expected to look like a brick although it is expected at this price point. These phones are likely to come up below the MOTO E lineup at around 4K to 5K rupees.


Another phone that has seen a couple of benchmark tests on GFX and Geek bench is the MOTO E successor. This coming with a plus variant just like its elder brother G series.

Here, have a look CAD rendering of MOTO C  by Android Authority.

The phone again features a circular camera just like all the other phones by MOTO this year.

Whoa!! that was a lot of phones for a year!! MOTO trying to get into ever segment possible.

NEXT and the latest is the MOTO Z2 Play if rumours are to believed then Z2 play, sadly will not be having a dual camera setup. Here are the renders from

MOTO Z play

As you can see in the picture( thank you TECHNO BUFFALO), phone is not having a dual setup, it may not be clear from the picture but the date on screen is 8th June, which being tipped as the release date.

NOKIA all leaks in a single post are coming soon !! Stay tuned!!