Hey, guys IPHONE 8’s first look is here! Read it up

This could be the first look, apparently, these are the sketches drawn by a guy working at a FOXCONN’s factory where these devices are being manufactured.

Some notable changes are of course the lack of physical home button( I knew, both Samsung and Apple cannot stop competing). Also, the camera setup has changed to vertical from their horizontal setup in 7 Plus. ┬áTake a look at these I’ve taken then from TECHNO BUFFALO, who in turn took it from BGR.


Well, what we expect is a new and improved processor, a better camera and bigger battery. A better design and full glass design.

IPHONE 7 PLUS had water proofing along with a lighting cable port.These things are goind to remain same. So if you look at the images these show a very similar design factor. The body of the phone is going to remain same precisely, only with a more glossy glass finish.

If some more rumours are to believed this year the phone may be delayed but should be available for the holidays. So don’t worry you may still get the phone as a christmas present.

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