Roll to the past. Nokia was still the top brand in Mobile market. Samsung was still growing and Apple was busy designing history.Then in 2006, this guy was released.

There was this phone Nokia N 73 which was then released making itself one of the most popular feature phone to have a fully operational selfie camera. This phone did not just win money it won millions of hearts.
The phone reminded me of the days when the first brand people considered when buying a phone was NOKIA.
The phones still bring fresh memories. The recently relaunched NOKIA 3310 or this guy here.

Now back to the present, though the phone is decade old now there are still people proudly showing off this phone. A legend, a phone that made history.
I consider myself lucky to find this phone. Travelling home, I met this guy having this phone.
This phone is truly beautiful and well built.

The phone basically has a VGA front camera with a separate application to open it rather than the switching the camera sides in the same camera application. It had a full-sized SD card slot on its right. The phone also had a cover for its camera. The rear camera was 3.2 MP camera with f/2.8 aperture. The phone feels like a  brick in the hand, here are some pictures.
It is a really thick phone but actually, gives some kind of satisfaction holding it. Frankly feels indestructible.

NOKIA N73 RearNokia N73 Front


It looks like the company knows what its customers will like. The company is still maintaining their


So now let’s see their first phone after revival, NOKIA 6. The phone too is indestructible according to this guy check out this video here from “EverythingApplePro“.

OR this from JerryRigEveryting

The above two videos show one common thing, NOKIA is going to remain indestructible for a considerable amount of time in future.
The only thing that probably changed is the looks. The phones now are equally strong to their old gen phones. But now with a added bonus of premium looks.


NOKIA was also once known for its camera, it practically had the best camera those days, that too in their feature phones.
NOKIA N73 had a similar awesome camera( Compared to other phones of those days of course)
here is a  sample picture was taken with the selfie camera in a moving bus
I thank my volunteers for testing this phone out for me.

Sample photo Front
NOKIA N73 had one of the best camera’s of that time and there is no denying that. NOKIA is proving itself again in this department too. With NOKIA 6, NOKIA 5, NOKIA 3  all having on par cameras with that of their rival phones.

No matter what

NOKIA N series is so iconic that according to rumours the company is planning to revive it.