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Well, the time we were waiting for is finally here. Nokia has released it’s first android powered smartphone under HMD.
Wait if you don’t know what HMD is then let me clarify.

The logo of HMD GLOBAL.


We all know the time when Nokia was suffering not knowing what to do, as their Lumia series was failing repeatedly, the reason probably was the use Windows which was not doing really great under the pressure from Android and IOS. The company suffered huge losses and was forced to sell itself to MICROSOFT, So well everything that Nokia’s mobile division held including the brand names like LUMIA, Asha and X were all supposed to go under MICROSOFT along with its employees.
The company even announced that all the warranty and services of Nokia phones will be taken care by MICROSOFT.

A slight Fast forward:

So what really happened after the merger. The Microsoft branded phones were launched, well they did not turn up to be a huge success but the company tried a lot to make them a success, company that did not happen company stopped making phones altogether and started focusing on its Surface brand instead. In the background, the old officials of NOKIA were busy making a new company named the HMD global. They announced that Nokia will be brought back into the market,
but this time Nokia won’t be making any of those phones instead they will just monitor everything from the design to the hardware. The brand NOKIA would be used on these phones and Nokia will get a seat on the board but itself won’t be holding any shares in the company HMD.
HMD bought the feature phone business and leased NOKIA brand for next 10 years from NOKIA  and FOXCONN was given the responsibility to manufacture these phones.


Now that all that process is done and
we finally have a smartphone released only in China .

A picture from NOKIA’s China website.

The NOKIA 6.
This phone was launched in China for a price of 1699 yuan approximately 16700 India Rupee.
The phone a 5.5 full HD screen and a fingerprint sensor below it.
The phone has a Snapdragon 430 CPU which is clocked at 1.4 GHz with Adreno 505 GPU.
The phone has a full metal body with 6000 series aluminium, feels like a phone in high range pricing The phone has Dolby Atmos surround sound. The phone has 4GB ram coupled with a 64 GB memory which is expandable with a micro SD card.
The phone has 16 MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. The rear camera has face detection autofocus with f/2.0 aperture. The phone has mediocre 3000 mAh battery. The phone probably will not launch in other markets as of the information received till now. But we can surely expect a phone with similar specs at WMC 2017. So let’s wait a little longer for our favourite company.

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