Samsung from the very start of its smartphone days had one button that never actually changed much.
It did undergo some changes from time to time to make to match the advances in the tech world . 
Hope No crackers packed as a surprise this year!!
(S7 for representation)
But this time SAMSUNG is reportedly going to remove it !! Yes, you read it right , According to a report on  THE INDIAN EXPRESS  , Samsung has decided to go for an  all-screen phone. The reason could because Samsung now wants more screen space, fitted in the same phone size . This may even change the controls to on-screen controls , These changes may be first seen in their next flagship SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 / S8 edge . These phones may even be delayed and may have an increased testing period to avoid any mishaps like the infamous NOTE 7. 
Samsung will reportedly(again from Indian Express) use Snapdragon 835 on some of their phones and other will have their similar powered EXYNOS processor . 
Let’s Wait and watch on the company makes changes to its design and achieve a bezel-less display 

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